Prince William, Prince Harry honor Princess Diana with ‘hands-on’ tribute

Prince William, Prince Harry honor Princess Diana statue unveiling with ‘hands-on’ fitting tribute

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Prince William and Prince Harry reportedly worked side by side in a ‘hands-on’ way to honor Princess Diana in a manner ‘befitting’ her life.

The claim has been brought forward by True Royalty TV co-founder Nick Bullen.

During his interview with Fox News, Mr. Bullen was quoted saying, “Prince William and Prince Harry have wanted to do something for Diana for such a long time.”

“There have been various attempts. The Diana Memorial fountain was something that didn’t really capture the essence of Diana, many believed. But this statue I’m told is an amazing piece of work and a fitting tribute.”

He concluded by saying, “There were lots of concerns about how to capture her image in stone because she was so beautiful. And there were lots of conversations about the memorial and how it would capture the essence. And the boys were very hands-on in the planning process.”