Prince William ‘jealousy’ over ‘free’ Prince Harry laid bare

Prince William royal approach has been branded ‘sneaky with a hint of jealousy’ towards Prince Harry

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Experts recently called out Prince William’s “sneaky social tactics” and dubbed him “utterly and completely jealous” of Prince Harry’s new approach to life.

The claim has been brought forward by filmmaker Bidisha in the upcoming royal documentary titled William & Harry: Princes at War.

She was quoted saying, “I suspect William has a bit of sneaking, envy and admiration for his brother Harry. He probably envies Harry's 21st century quality, his emotional intelligence, his easygoingness.”

“You see their YouTube channel has got their family life, they're saying to people – 'We're a mum and a dad just like you. We go through the same emotional journeys that you do'.”

However Vanity Fair royal correspondent Katie Nicholl has a more inclusive view on the royal approach and even admitted, “I think what you're seeing is the Cambridges and their team really, tactically, tapping into the millennial generation, which of course will be their subject when they're future king and queen.”