Kate Middleton ‘bracing’ to guard Prince William against ‘The Crown’

Prince William, Kate Middleton preparing for a ‘rocky 12 months’ due to upcoming new season of ‘The Crown’

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Kate Middleton ‘bracing’ to guard Prince William against ‘The Crown’
Kate Middleton ‘bracing’ to guard Prince William against ‘The Crown’

Experts fear Prince William and Kate Middleton are in for a ‘rocky 12 months’ following the release of The Crown’s upcoming season.

The claim has been brought forward by royal expert Daniela Elsa in a piece for the New Zealand Herald.

There she was quoted saying, “The Cambridges are staring down the barrel of a very rocky 12-months that will expose old and have the entire Royal Family bracing themselves for another global PR crisis” due to The Crown’s new season.

For those unversed, season five of the Netflix series is supposed to explore the marital breakdown of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage.

Hence Ms. Elsa fears that this new installment of the series may be “the most wrenching and hurtful for William (and yes, Prince Harry too) yet.”

The idea of having “to watch as that dismal chapter is morbidly resuscitated for our viewing pleasure” may be a tear jerking experience for the royals.

Thus, Kate Middleton’s presence is needed more than ever since, “for Kate that means having to watch her husband suffer through seeing some of the most traumatic parts of his childhood dredged up and picked over like carrion.”

Not only that, this era shift may also portray the establishment as something “rigid, even callous, monolith that has caused so much suffering.”

In light of all of this, “Kate is now staring down the prospect of having to sit idly by while the institution that she has dedicated her life to is dragged brutally over the coals and faces a fresh round of public condemnation.”