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Saturday Jul 31 2021
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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s projects blasted as ‘self-indulgent’

Web Desk

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s US goals have reportedly been called out for being completely “pretentious and self-indulgent.”

The claim has been brought forward by Andrew Pierce and during her interview with MailPlus' Palace Confidential, he told host Jo Elvin, “Exactly! Who made them experts? What do they know about leadership? What sort of leadership?”

“On wellness, Meghan is very conscious about health and the rest, but they are no experts. And philanthropy, they have set up their charitable foundation, sure, but there are not in the same league as Bill Gates. It sounds like the usual self-indulgent pretentious nonsense.”

Even royal expert Victoria Murphy chimed in and admitted that the couple should expect some tough scrutiny from critics for their memoir.

If they are looking at offering advice, people are going to ask questions about their expertise. “There is an audience for everything they do.”

“Meghan's book The Bench received harsh critical reviews but it was still a best-seller. Everything they do gets a huge amount of attention and will do really well commercially.”