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Tuesday Sep 14 2021
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Jennifer Aniston’s Zoom interview blunder has the internet in fits of laughter

Web Desk

American actor Jennifer Aniston was left completely bewildered when she mistakenly thought she was being called a ‘hooker.’

During a Zoom interview with UK’s This Morning, the 52-year-old Friends star misheard presenter Josie Gibson question about being a ‘hugger’ to being a ‘hooker’.

The host was talking to Aniston and Reese Witherspoon about social distancing during the pandemic, when she shot a related question towards the Murder Mystery star, asking: “Are you a hugger, Jen?”

“A hooker?” repeated Aniston in a state of shock.

The presenter, looking visibly petrified over the miscommunication, tried to clear the air immediately and repeated her question with a chuckle: “No, I did not say that! A hugger.”

Luckily, Aniston understood it the second time as she responded: “Sorry, it could’ve been a translation misunderstanding. Yes, I am a hugger.”

Witherspoon chimed in, saying: “But she’s not a hooker, no.”