Saturday Sep 18 2021
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Piers Morgan slams Meghan Markle after bagging new global talk show

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Morgan has been at the odds with Meghan ever since he claimed she ghosted him 

Piers Morgran lashed out at Meghan Markle after announcing his latest venture.

The staunch Sussex critic said the Duchess will be getting nightmares now that he will be a part of a 60-minute global show set to feature big-names on talkTV that will air in the UK, USA and Australia.

Taking a jibe at Meghan, Morgan said, “And I need to say a special thank you Meghan. As we sit drinking now, it was five years ago I met her here."

He told The Sun, “And I bet she was sitting there celebrating my departure from Good Morning Britain so this move will be the stuff of nightmares for her. So cheers Meghan!”

Morgan has been at odds with Meghan ever since he claimed she ghosted him after meeting Harry.

From then onwards, the controversial presenter made it known that he was no longer a fan of the former American actress.