Monday Sep 27 2021
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Prince Charles ‘nearly kidnapped’ by female mob for ransom

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Unearthed claims reveal Prince Charles was nearly kidnapped by a mob of angry females who intended to hold him for ransom.

Experts reveal Prince Charles was once nearly kidnapped by a mob of women for ransom.

This incident has been brought to light in the new book The Secret Royals: Spying and the Crown.

It covers the time of Princess Victoria’s reign all the way down to Princess Dina’s death and includes stories from the Prince’s bodyguards.

According to Mail Online, it read, “Their biggest worry was young women, and this became a particular problem in the Rag Week of 1968 — an annual, anarchic event when students dressed up in silly clothes and played pranks to raise money for charity.”

“According to Michael Varney, the Prince’s personal bodyguard, events ‘came within a hairsbreadth’ of disaster. Varney learnt through police intelligence that a group of female Manchester University students, ‘all Women’s Libbers of the most strident kind’, planned to raid Trinity, kidnap Charles and hold him to ransom.”

“Worse still, ‘a fifth column’ existed inside Cambridge since the team from Manchester had eager and willing accomplices from the women of Girton College. Together, they were keen to pull off ‘their coup’ without ‘any male assistance whatsoever’.”