Monday Oct 18 2021
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Princess Diana's fixation with Camilla dates back to wedding day with Charles

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Royal commentator Julie Montagu recalled the day of the couple's big wedding

Princess Diana's unhealthy fixation with Duchess Camilla started exactly on the day of her marriage with Charles.

Royal commentator Julie Montagu recalled the day of the couple's big wedding.

Talking to Us Weekly she said, “I think the fixation was always there in the back of her mind, but of course, I suspect it really started on the wedding day itself."

“The fixation started on the wedding day because we know that Diana looked out at the enormous congregation with thousands of people. … And she saw [Camilla], she looked for her and in one sense, it was looking at her saying, ‘Right, he’s mine. I’ve got him,'” the expert added.

Montagu further shared that spotting Camilla in the crowd on her wedding day, was a power move for Diana ahead of her wedding with the Prince of Wales.

“She wanted to make sure that she clocked Camilla in that congregation so that she could feel comforted by the fact that she’s at the vicar and Camilla’s in a pew,” she added.

According to Montagu, Camilla had a constant presence in Diana’s life during the philanthropist’s marriage.

“Camilla was always in that circle at the same parties from the very, very beginning of their marriage until obviously till the demise of their marriage,” she noted. “So she was always there."