Friday Oct 22 2021
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Halyna Hutchins' colleague comments on Alec Baldwin's 'bizarre' prop gun incident

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Halyna Hutchins colleague termed Alec Baldwins prop gun incident as bizarre
Halyna Hutchins' colleague termed Alec Baldwin's prop gun incident as 'bizarre' 

Rising cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins’ colleagues are ‘shocked’ to hear the news of her death after Alec Baldwin mistakenly discharged a prop gun on the set of film, Rust.

The cinematographer was fatally injured and sent to hospital by helicopter immediately after the incident occurred but she could not recover and passed away.

The heart-wrenching news has left her colleagues and friends devastated who were invited on Friday's Good Morning Britain.

Filmmaker, Adam Mortimer expressed, "I'm really shocked, it's unbelievable that Halyna who was a rising star, a young woman, died in a way that's unfathomable and shouldn't have happened on a movie set.”

He further said that, “she was an incredible talent and we're all trying to understand how this could have happened. Normally it's unusual for someone to be handed a gun that has the capability of firing at all anything and if it is going to fire something, it's only handled by a very specific chain of people.”

Unable to grasp the incident, the filmmaker added, “It's really bizarre that they would have been in a situation that a gun was being fired unexpectedly.”

Talking about Hutchins, her friend said that, “She was somebody who was absolutely dedicated to art and integrity.”