Monday Nov 08 2021
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Prince Harry ‘thrown under the bus’ multiple times as monarchy’s shield

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Experts recently unearthed multiple instances where Prince Harry’s was thrown under the bus for the sake of the monarchy’s safety.

Royal commentator Gertrude Galy made this claim while speaking to the Daily Star.

During the course of her interview, she highlighted the predefined roles royals abide by and was quoted saying, "As the former spare, now pushed further down, Prince Harry was often thrown under the bus for the sake of the monarchy. And he wasn't willing to do that to his wife and son. So he left.”

“For Prince William, the monarchy comes first and must be protected. That was something that had been instilled in him since he was first taught about his future role.”

“And putting the monarchy before oneself is something all Royals are taught at a young age, although some royals do a better job at this than others.”

The commentator also went on to note that currently, both brothers are standing head-to-head with different life philosophies.

“Harry is angry, he and his family were not protected more, and that he wasn't treated the same as William. And William is angry that Harry has hurt the Monarchy.”

In Ms Daly’s opinion, "I think the Sussexes were right to escape the toxicity of royal life if they couldn't handle it. But I’m not sure I agree with how they did it and all of their decisions since then.”

"There needs to be a healthy balance between protecting oneself and one's family, and protecting the monarchy. The Monarchy needs to learn that their extended family is not expendable and should not have to always put the Monarchy before themselves."