Travis Scott continued playing for 37 minutes after Astroworld stampede

Travis Scott is getting heat for ignoring fans' pleas to stop the show as eight people died with several injured

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Travis Scott and the organisers of his Astroworld festival are getting heat for allegedly letting the rapper continue to play even after a crush began to kill concertgoers.

In the event, which took place in Houston, Texas, eight people died with dozens injured after the crowd began to surge toward the stage.

According to footage and social media posts, people began collapsing by 9:38 pm, nearly 40 minutes after the rapper came on stage.

While Scott’s promoter agreed to stop the show, Scott appeared to have kept playing through his 75-minute set at 10:15 pm.

According to Washington Post, people who were in the tightly packed section of the crowd screamed for help at 9:12 pm, an hour before the performance finished.

Allegedly, staff had ignored the calls of the fans including those who climbed on the raised platforms to point out to camera operators at those injured as early as 9:30 pm.