Sunday Nov 28 2021
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Experts address the BBC ‘The Princes and the Press’ 'hatchet job'

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Royal experts have finally spoken out about the 'hatchet job' that’s the newly released Princes and the Press documentary.

This claim’s been made by the royal author and biographer Amanda Platell in his interview with host Amol Rajan.

There she clapped back against the way her interview went down for The Princes and the Press documentary.

During her chat, Ms Platell admitted that she sat for an interview of at least two hours of filmed conversation.”

But the final piece was taken completely out of context and edited down to “less than two minutes of selective quotes.”

the author also wrote a piece for the Daily Mail where she showcased her displeasure over the news.

In it she dubbed the documentary interview “a hatchet job” and even gave a unique spin to it, calling it "a hagiography."