Sunday Jan 16 2022
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Prince Andrew's lawyers want to question his accuser Virginia's husband and psychologist as witnesses

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Prince Andrews lawyers want to question his accuser Virginias husband and psychologist as witnesses

Prince Andrew's legal team is seeking witness accounts from Virginia's husband Robert Giuffre and her psychologist Judith Lightfoot as part of the civil case filed in the United States, according to recently released documents.

The Duke of York's lawyers want to question his accuser’s husband and psychologist as witnesses in his sexual abuse case, revealed court documents.

The Duke of York has suggested that Virginia Roberts Giuffre is suffering from “false memories” in her claims that he sexually abused her and wants to question her psychologist as a witnesses, according to court documents.

Andrew's lawyers have asked to question Dr Judith Lightfoot about Ms Giuffre’s claims to have suffered “severe emotional distress and psychological harm” as a result of the Duke’s alleged conduct.

They also want to question her husband Robert Giuffre under oath about her “alleged childhood trauma and abuse,” her relationship with the late financier Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, and any communication she has had with him about the civil case she is bringing against Prince Andrew.

The Duke’s lawyers state in court documents that he vehemently denies Ms Giuffre’s claims that he sexually assaulted her and sexually abused another victim in front of her.

The court is set to hear the case later this year, unless Ms Giuffre accepts any offer of a multi-million pound pay-off the Duke might make to settle the case out of court, in order to avoid further damaging the reputation of the monarchy.