Tuesday Jan 18 2022
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Prince Harry almost triggered 'security disaster' when escaping palace as a child

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Prince Harry has been well-known to be cheeky child.

Lots of photos have revealed him sticking out his tongue at photographers as well as countless stories of his antics as a child.

Among those stories was one in particular which took place when the Duke of Sussex was just five years old.

Apparently the little one gave his security officer a major scare as he had managed to sneak out of Kensington Palace to a busy shopping street.

Recalling the incident, the prince’s protection officer Ken Wharfe said that he had allowed the little one to play with his radio as he was “fascinated by police equipment”.

This then turned into a small game of missions where the little prince would be told to go to certain locations around the palace and then check in on the radio.

Wharfe told the Daily Mail: "He was thrilled, especially when I directed him to go out of the palace entrance to the stable block to visit his aunt, Lady Jane [Diana's sister]. The block was monitored by CCTV, so this seemed safe."

However, Harry ended up leaving the palace confines and ended up at a shop.

And Ken added: "What shoppers must have thought to see the Queen's grandson walking down the busy street clutching a police radio, I have no idea.

"I ordered him to come back, and ran to meet him, but I knew we'd been on the verge of a security disaster. The Met would have taken a very dim view, but that's nothing compared to what the Princess [Diana] would have said. Luckily, she never found out."