Tuesday Jan 18 2022
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Will Prince Harry put his family's life on risk after prince Charles' invitation?

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Will Prince Harry put his familys life on risk after prince Charles invitation?

Prince Harry, who feels his family isn’t ‘safe’ in the UK without police protection, has reportedly received an invite from his father Prince Charles to stay with him.

The future king has once again proved his capability of running the monarchy and showed his skills to calmly overcome the crisis, being faced by the royal family, with his smart and timely move.

Prince Charles, father of William and Harry and grandfather of their children, has invited his son the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to stay with him during their visit to the UK amid their security concerns.

The heir to the throne apparently did what we could, and now the ball is in Harry's court if he decides to visit the UK without police protection.

The Queen, Charles, Kate Middleton, William and other royals are seemingly restless to see the new addition of their family Lilibet in persons. 

The Duke of Sussex is ‘afraid’ to return to UK with his family as the Home Office has rejected privately-paid police protection during his visit. He has filed for a judicial review against the decision.

The latest development suggests Harry, who has visited Britain twice on important events after quitting the royal job, may take risk to travel again to give a good impression about the royal family and support them amid Andrew's scandal.