Monday Jan 24 2022
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British publication to challenge secrecy regarding Prince Philip's will

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British publication The Guardian has said that it has permission to challenge the banning of media of a court case over Prince Philip’s will.

In September 2021 it was ruled that the will should remain sealed from the public for 90 years, a move that was reasoned to protect his widow, Queen Elizabeth II’s privacy including other royals.

Judge Eleanor King said that there was “a real prospect” that the newspaper would win in its bid as the original judge “erred in law” by excluding the media from attending.

The publication said that its challenge would "focus attention on the secrecy that surrounds an obscure exemption that has been granted to the royal family".

Royal family members have historically kept their wills secret after their deaths.

“More than 30 members of the royal family have successfully applied at private court hearings to keep their wills secret since 1910,” the newspaper said.