Thursday Jan 27 2022
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Prince Charles' alleged 'other mistress' was Princess Diana's secret friend: report

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Prince Charles alleged other mistress was Princess Dianas secret friend: report

Prince Charles, who faced several allegations during his married life with Princess Diana, allegedly had relationship with a woman who later became Diana's friend and Camilla's enemy.

It was revealed that the Prince of Wales had another major relationship with Lady Dale Tryon - who was also known as Kanga - which was kept strictly under wraps.

After Charles' weeding to Diana, Dale reportedly remained his close friend and supposedly competed for his attention with Camilla.

In the 2008 documentary, titled Prince Charles’ Other Mistress, royal commentator Christopher Wilson explained: "[Camilla] was the enemy, and on the basis that my enemy's enemy is my friend, [Diana] could see that there was some purpose in having an alliance with Dale."

Dale stayed close to Charles mainly through Diana, and he once reportedly described her the "only woman who ever understood [him]."

Charles and Diana's relationship was far from perfect. According to the documentary, the late Princess of Wales was finding solace in the company of a friend who was also believed to be the 'second mistress' of the future king.

When Dale was 25, she reportedly moved from her native Australia to London. In 1973, while Charles completed his duties as a naval officer, Camilla married Andrew, and Dale married Anthony, who was said to be in Charles' inner circle.

Dale and Camilla were reportedly not on good terms and allegedly wanted to win Charles's heart. Dale passed away in November, 1997, a few months after Diana's tragic accident in Paris.