Thursday Mar 10 2022
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Prince Charles 'just can't bear' Ukraine war, 'in tears' for parents losing children

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Prince Charles is on the verge of crying for Ukranians.

The future King, who visited St Luke's Church on Wednesday, talked to people who were forced to leave the war-torn region. Supported by Holy Trinity Brompton Church (HTB), these people are now in search of safety.

Amongst many that he met, the father-of-two interacted with a fellow fatigue, Ukrainian Andriy Kopylash.

Mr Kopylash, shared that he has fled to UK in order to save himself from Vladimir Putin as he advances invasion of Ukraine. Andriy later added that he is worried for his daughter Veronika, who isleft behind in their native country.

Mr Kopylash told the heir to the throne: "We have had wonderful support from the community here."

Speaking after the Prince of Wales' visit, the Ukrainian shared: "He was very open and there were tears in his eyes.

"I was really impressed by him. It was very nice to meet Prince Charles.

"He was really open and was really informed about the situation."

"I just can’t bear it. Such a total tragedy," Charles told another mother during his visit.