Monday Mar 28 2022
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Kanye West may recreate Will Smith's act amid Pete Davidson's romance with Kim Kardashian

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Kanye West may recreate Will Smiths act amid Pete Davidsons romance with Kim Kardashian

Actor Will Smith grabbed the attention as he punched Chris Rock at Oscars 2022 on Sunday.

Soon after Smith's bombshell move at the 94th Academy Awards, fans of divorced couple Kim and Kanye began to speculate the rapper can recreate Smith's shocking Oscar scene.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, who have been dating since last October, are persistently teasing the rapper with their whirlwind romance. 

The rapper previously failed to control his emotions and launched some online attacks on the couple after failing to get back his ex Kim Kardashian even after several attempts of reconciliation.

Some of users think Kanye may take an aggressive step after being inspired of Wil Smith's love for his lady.

Previously, Kanye's ‘Eazy’ video earned widespread criticism for its portrayal of violence against Davidson. In the clip, West kidnaps the comedian and buries him in a bed of soil, leaving his head exposed. The rapper sprinkles seeds around, leading a bush of roses to grow from Davidson’s head.

Multiple celebrities criticised the rapper's move and came in support of Davidson. West later addressed the backlash, writing in another Instagram post that “art is not a proxy for any ill or harm”, and that “any suggestion otherwise about my art is false and mal intended”.

Amid the ongoing drama between the pair and Kim's ex Kanye West, fans  are urging Pete Davidson to stay careful as they believe anything is possible from the rapper.