Monday Apr 04 2022
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Inside Elon Musk's preps for 'biggest' celebration on Earth

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Elon Musk is over the moon to celebrate opening Tesla's Austin Giga factory in Texas, USA on April 7 as the richest man of the world hinted at his plans for mega celebrations.

It has been reported that around 15,000 people are expected to attend the event with its invitations being sent out already.

A Twitter handle Praetorian tweeted the SpaceX founder for 'at least a couple of tickets to [the] giga opening.'

Musk responded, "This might be gearing up to be literally the biggest party on Earth."

Inside Elon Musks preps for biggest celebration on Earth

As shared by Travis Country Commissioners Court Voting Session Agenda Request, "The event gathering will encompass interactive tours accompanied by food and various live entertainment to celebrate the newly built and operational Giga factory."

Fans have been taking over social media to regret not receiving an invitation to the huge gathering.

"Hey @elonmusk can you put the #CyberRodeo party in the Metaverse so every $tsla shareholder and @tesla owner worldwide can go? This will make it absolutely the biggest party on Earth," they said.

Another wrote, "Next time have a Tesla party at a stadium or something with room for 50 thousand people so we can all get tickets @elonmusk."