Tuesday Apr 05 2022
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Princess Diana put Hollywood hunk Tom Cruise off her dating list: Here's Why

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Princess Diana's chef shares her real thoughts about Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise.

Darren McGrady in a new tweet revealed that the Princess Of Wales would never date Cruise because of his short height.

"I remember Princess Diana taking the boys to the set of Mission Impossible and to meet Tom Cruise.

"Wills and Harry loved the pyrotechnics. But Princess Diana… 'That’s another one off the list Darren. He’s too short!'"

Previously, the chef said: "She [Diana] came into the kitchen one morning and said, 'Darren, we've had an invite to go and watch the making of Mission Impossible at Pinewood Studios in London, for me to take William and Harry.'

"Of course they were young then and they'd probably love the pyrotechnics and everything. 'Do you think they'd be interested?'"

The chef recalls: "I remember saying, 'I'm not sure about the boys your Royal Highness, but if you get to meet Tom Cruise…' She said: 'Darren I'll crack the funnies'."

Mr McGrady remembers her visiting the kitchen later that day after attending the screening.

He said: "She came in, picked up some fruit, walked out and didn't say anything. But as she was walking out, she said, 'That's another one off the list. He's too short'."