Prince Harry, William feud: Body language expert analyses ‘haunting expressions’

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Prince Harry and Prince William’s once-easygoing relationship has undergone major changes in recent years, with Harry relocating to the US amid a royal feud with his family.

Amid the brothers’ ongoing rift, body language expert Judi James broke down their mannerisms around each other on the rare occasions that they’ve been seen together in the last two-three years.

Talking to Express UK, James said: “Although the public was distracted by rumours of a rift between Kate and Meghan, it turned out that the unthinkable was actually true.”

“That Diana’s boys, who had grown together in the shadow of shared tragedy, had actually fallen out in a way that was to prove potentially fatal,” she added.

James further stated: “The brothers, who could not be in any form of proximity together without grinning and laughing and winding each other up, began to perform rituals of avoidance in public that looked toe-curlingly awkward.”

In fact, James believes that the ties between Prince William and Harry are so tense that she would describe their expressions around each other as ‘haunted’ and that of a ‘funeral director’.

James shared that both William and Harry’s faces show “expressions made of stone” around each other.

William often adopts the pose and expressions of sadness you might expect of a funeral director. As for Harry, he has a haunted eye expression, and his signals of agitation and anxiety speak volumes,” James concluded.