Friday Apr 22 2022
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Prince William ‘needs to temper’ chats with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

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Royal experts ask Prince William to ‘temper’ any future chats with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, given their habit of causing ‘consistent’ and ‘intentional damage’.

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti made this claim in his latest interview with the Royally US podcast.

He was quoted saying, “I think it must be very different for Prince William, and generally for the Royal Family because there is that urge presumably for them to meet up to reconcile [with Prince Harry] or to start at least to make some kind of peace between them.”

“Even if they're not going to be as close as they might once have been but that's got to be tempered by the considerations they will have in their minds all the time of the damage that can be done.”

Especially since “Meghan and Harry are constantly doing damage to the Royal Family.”

And “It seems intentional, if it's not intentional, it's then a reflection on their recklessness and perhaps lack of intelligence in how they deal with these things.”

The royal expert said: “Whether its deliberate or not deliberate, they are doing this damage and the Royal Family are in the business of damage limitation for their reputation.”