Saturday Apr 30 2022
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Spotify to 'edit' Meghan Markle words in podcast to what makes them 'happy': expert

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Meghan Markle lucrative deal with Spotify would have strings attached, notes media lawyer.

Speaking to Express.co.uk in a recent interview, Ian Penman admitted that he thinks the platform has a clause where it can 'terminate the contract' if things do not go as planned.

He begins: "It becomes interesting because there may be contingent provisions which allow [Spotify] to pull out of the deal under certain circumstances - so, she may put something in the podcast

"For example, who has editorial control? Does she just say what she wants?

"Does she say what she wants and then they edit it themselves and decide whether they're happy?

"Don't forget, Spotify have had massive problems with Joe Rogan's podcast, where he had people interviewed that made comments about the effectiveness of vaccines.

"So they might have had their fingers a bit burnt by that, which I suspect they have, so they'll probably want a bit more editorial control over these podcasts to make sure nothing goes out which offends their database, let alone their user base.

"Spotify probably had their fingers a bit burnt by that, and want a bit more editorial control.

"They probably don't want [Meghan] saying anything she wants that could offend a number of their clients and users.

"They're probably thinking let's not broadcast something which would cause chaos because that affects the share price, which is bad."

Mr Penman said that Spotify may also be able to terminate Meghan's contract if "people are not really interested in what she has to say".