Wednesday May 11 2022
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Kate Middleton ‘worried’ about children’s safety as family clocks 170 stalkers: Expert

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Kate Middleton is reportedly growing increasingly worried about the safety of her and Prince William’s three children, Princes George and Louis, and Princess Charlotte, after 170 stalkers were said to be after the royal family.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, royal expert Duncan Larcombe dished out details about the threats faced by the royals, especially the Cambridge family.

Larcombe revealed: Kate's children's protection is a constant worry for her but she just has to have faith that they have these expert police officers.”

“Over the years they have altered and upped the security. After the 7/7 bombings in London, the number of protection officers looking after William almost doubled so they do monitor the threat constantly,” he added.

According to Larcombe: “They take these sorts of things very seriously. I remember an incident when William and Kate were on a tour and the protection officers were concerned that there was a guy there who wasn't part of the press pack. They are very quick to keep an eye and they do have a ring of protection.”

He went on to share: “There is a lot of protecting that goes unseen, it's not just the bodyguards walking them down the street. It just shows that the Royals are vulnerable to all sorts, they have to be ever vigilant.”

Larcombe’s comments were aided by reports that about 170 cases of stalking related to the royal family were recorded by the police in 2021, with around 10 posing high levels of danger.

Meanwhile, around 128 are considered moderate risk and about 32 were deemed low risk.