Sunday May 15 2022
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Amber Heard’s memes serve as 'slap in face' for all domestic abuse victims: expert

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Amber Heard has been a target of memes on social media amid the lawsuit against Johnny Depp which might negatively result for domestic abuse victims.

A survivor, Ruth M. Glenn told Fox News that the case has been triggering for her especially due to the inescapable memes on the internet.

“I can’t imagine what this might be doing to someone who may eventually want to seek safety and support,” Glenn said.

“Whether it’s Amber Heard or Johnny Depp, how dare we make fun and make light of someone who is sharing something very personal — no matter how we feel about that person.”

The publication also shared that the chief executive officer of a domestic violence advocacy group, Twahna P. Harris said that the trial has taken her back to where she once was.

“And that’s what happens,” she said.

“You’re revictimized all over again. You’re not believable, apparently ... it makes you mad, it makes you angry. Until you’ve lived it, you will never understand.”

It’s a slap in the face to victims and survivors,” she said.

The news outlet reported that social media content 'mocking' Heard’s testimony "could negatively affect victims of domestic abuse and potentially sway them to stay silent."