Prince Harry’s memoir ‘not the scathing tell-all royals feared’: Expert

Prince Harry’s memoir is set to release later this year, and an expert thinks it might not be controversial

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Prince Harry’s highly-anticipated memoir is set to release later this year, and experts have long feared it to be extremely controversial. However, one royal expert now believes that it might not be as bad as expected.

Talking to Express UK, expert Kinsey Schofield shared that Prince Harry’s decision to return to the UK for the Queen’s Jubilee might be a hint that his memoir might just be a recollection of his time growing up as a royal and not be controversial at all.

Commenting on Harry poised to return to the UK with wife Meghan Markle in June, Schofield said: “I am certainly surprised by the decision and it makes me feel like Prince Harry's book isn't the scathing tell-all we feared.”

She continued: “Perhaps it's just a book about a man who learned to live and love after the death of his mother. I've always hoped that it was more of a motivational book than a hit piece.”

Contrary to Schofield’s belief, however, it has been reported that Harry’s publisher, Penguin Random House, wants “juicy details” for the memoir to be a hit.