Saturday May 21 2022
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Amber Heard reveals why she didn’t file police report against Johnny Depp

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Amber Heard told the court that she chose to not file a police complaint against Johnny Depp after the Pirates of the Caribbean star allegedly abuse his ex-wife.

The domestic violence coordinator for Los Angeles Police Department was testified via video deposition on Thursday amid the infamous defamation trial.

Marie Sadanaga confirmed the LPD responded to a call at the former couple’s penthouse on May 21, 2016, when Depp allegedly hit Heard.

However, Sadanaga added that the police were unable to find out whether the crime had taken place while adding that Heard didn’t file a police complaint.

During her cross-examination on Thursday, the Aquaman told the court that she skipped the complaint because she wanted to "protect" her then-husband.

"I wanted to protect Johnny. I didn't want him to be arrested. I didn't want him to be in trouble. I didn't want the world to know. I didn't want this to come out,” Heard told the court.