Monday May 23 2022
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Princess Beatrice ‘just collateral damage’ in Prince Andrew case

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Experts note Princess Beatrice has become “collateral damage” in Prince Andrew’s case.

This claim has been made by Cele Otnes, co-author of Royal Fever, in an interview with Express UK.

She began by saying, “The thing that honestly makes me sad is the collateral damage that gets done so like Andrew, I don't lose one wink of sleep feeling sad for Andrew, but I feel sad for his daughters.”

“I think they, interestingly enough, even though Andrew and Fergie were quite the pair, and [Sarah] of course had her share of contributions to issues in the family.”

“The young ladies, their daughters, have offered some of the most poignant moments of the royal family brand like the Beatrice wearing Queen Elizabeth II's dress, I think was just like, a perfect COVID wedding moment.”

Before concluding she added, “But interestingly, there's a discussion about how Andrew wasn't allowed in the pictures. So that's sad for her.”