Thursday May 26 2022
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Johnny Depp impressed by a witness during her testimony on Amber Heard's airport fight and arrest

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Johnny Depp impressed by a witness during her testimony on Amber Heards airport fight and arrest

Hollywood star Johnny Depp could not control his emotions and mouthed the word “wow” during the cross-examination of airport security worker who testified to a 2009 domestic violence "altercation" involving Amber Heard.

Beverly Leonard told the court that she met the Aquaman actor at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington. The officer said she was in the baggage claim area when she “observed [Heard] with a travelling companion” and that “they got into an altercation where Heard had grabbed her travelling companion and pulled something from her neck.”

Leonard continued, she went over “to try to break up what appeared to be a fight”, asked a colleague to help her and “stepped in between them, and separated them, stopping any further injuries or escalation.”

She described Ms Heard’s behaviour towards her fellow traveller, who was the actor’s former partner Tasya Van Ree, as “aggressive”. She also said Ms Heard had “pulled a necklace off of her, and I observed her having it in her hand.”

Ms Heard seemed to “not be very steady on her feet” and her eyes were “blurry and watery”, Ms Leonard gave testimony, adding, “I could smell alcohol”.

Leonard also told the jury that Ms Heard’s co-traveller “raised her hands in what appeared to be a defensive manner” but remained “pretty stoic” other than that. She also said Ms Heard was dismissive of her when she intervened to ask if “they were okay” and “what’s going on”.

“She just said, ‘We’re just having an argument, we’re fine, we’re fine,’” Ms Leonard explained, adding that Ms Heard’s travelling companion had an “abraision on the side of her neck where the necklace was, like a rope burn from the chain as it was removed.”

During Ms Leonard’s cross-examination, Ms Bredehoft suggested that the witness had reached out to Mr Depp’s legal counsel “late last night” so that “you can get on TV”.

“You know that this trial is being televised right?” Ms Heard’s lawyer asked Ms Leonard, who replied: “Yes.”

“So you know that if you have something that might be significant to say, that way you can get on TV right?” Ms Bredehoft pressed.

“No, I had no desire to be on television,” Ms Leonard replied, as Mr Depp mouthed “wow” over Ms Bredehoft’s line of questioning.