Saturday May 28 2022
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Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial: Fans nearly come to blows outside court

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard fans gathered outside the Virginia court nearly came to blows amid the bombshell defamation trial on Friday.

According to Newsweek, as the closing argument in the trial began fans, who camped outside the courthouse for several weeks, pitted against one another.

Videos have such incidents that have been going viral on social media as the crowd can be seen booing for Heard while law enforcement surrounds them.

Taking to Twitter, Reuters editor Corinne Perkins shared a photo of Dan Kim waving a sign outside the court that reads, "I stand with Amber" as an unidentified person makes an obscene gesture at him.

The reputation and privacy lawyer Eva Wallace told the outlet that the lawsuit is “a pop culture boxing ring that has invited the court of public opinion to decide, unhindered by the burden of proof or thorough evidential analysis. We saw this already after Heard's mentioning of Kate Moss during her testimony."

Wallace also noted, “despite the live-streaming of the trial, there will be many who derive their opinion from short, isolated snippets of information on social media, which may well be strategically presented in a format to persuade the viewer/reader to believe a certain standpoint."