Saturday May 28 2022
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Simon Cowell talks about finding work-life balance: ‘It’s absolutely key now’

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Simon Cowell got candid about finding balance between work and personal life as he revealed he took a decision to spend more time with his son Eric post pandemic.

In an interview with The Mirror, the music mogul reveals why he cut back on his work as he is now only focusing on America’s Got Talent and BGT.

“I do think I have got the work/life balance right, particularly with Eric because he’s eight now,” he told the outlet.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge added, “The only good thing about the coronavirus was that during the lockdown we spent a lot of time together – and I love his company.”

“Once we came out of lockdown, I had to make a decision, which was do I go back to what I was doing before? Or do I do a little bit less and I’m able to spend more time with him? That’s what I decided to do,” he told the publication.

Cowell further said that he only do things which he likes to do like Got Talent, adding, “I make notes on every episode before it goes out, sometimes two times, three times, and these are 90-minute or two-hour shows. That’s a whole day noting one episode.”

“You’d be amazed how much time you’ve really got to put in and you’ve got to be healthy and you’ve got to be fit. You don’t want to be tired,” he continued. “It’s finding that balance. It’s absolutely key now.”