Sunday May 29 2022
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Meghan Markle 'deeply problematic' Texas visit branded ugly 'PR stunt'

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Meghan Markle deeply problematic Texas visit branded ugly PR stunt
Meghan Markle 'deeply problematic' Texas visit branded ugly 'PR stunt'

Meghan Markle flew to Texas this week to pay homage to children shot dead at Robb Elementary School.

The Duchess went incognito to attend the memorial service of the deceased in a baseball cap and casual outfit. A spokesperson for the Sussexes shared that Meghan made the trip in the 'capacity of a mother.'

The Duchess shares children Archie and Lilibet with Prince Harry.

While many dubbed it as a gesture of kindness, other netizens are raising questions about Meghan's visit, branding it a PR stunt.

Royal critic Daniela Elser has now commented on the stiatuion as she writes for news.com.au.

She wrote: “Let me say, I have no doubt that her heart is hurting, like millions of other people in the US and around the world, at the thought of such unspeakable loss.

“What is not up for debate is how genuine, or how strong, her feelings here might be - not in the least.

“But what is deeply problematic is that this trip looks horribly like an attempt to co-opt an unimaginable tragedy for her own PR gain.

“The biggest question here is, what did Meghan think would happen when she rolled up in Texas? “She is far from being a babe in the woods when it comes to understanding how the press works and surely she must have known that her pitching up in a small Texas town was always going to set off a media storm and would prove a major distraction from the bigger issues at play.

“So why go? What did she think she could achieve by going there?

“This was not a moment where Meghan’s presence could help highlight an overlooked issue or bring national media attention to bear on a forgotten community.”