Sunday May 29 2022
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Amber Heard’s paranoia led her to use different name on bank records

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Amber Heard once got candid to discuss her paranoia around ‘her private life' as the actor revealed that she used a different name on her bank records.

Heard, who has been facing off her ex-husband Johnny Depp, in a bombshell lawsuit, starred in a 2013 thriller film called Paranoia.

During the promotions of the film, Heard talked to BlackTree TV to dish on her life in the ‘public eye’.

“I think living this life, if you’re in the public eye at all, you have to learn to kind of always look over your shoulder,” Heard said.

“You have to kind of always watch your back. I mean, I think it was like nine or so years ago that I stopped using my real name online and stopped, you know, bank records in a different name,” she revealed.

“All of those things that you have to do in this line of work to make sure you have a private life is actually pretty relevant to this in a way,” she added.

The Aquaman actor also shared that she’s ‘not very tech-savvy.’

“I can change a fanbelt in my car, I can work on the car, I can help rebuild a bumper, or I mean, rebuild a carburettor if I need to. But I can’t e-mail without some assistance, it’s bad,” she said.