Thursday Jun 09 2022
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Tom Cruise praised for embracing his natural stature in 'Top Gun: Maverick'

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Tom Cruise's fans have been complimenting the actor for not using a forced perspective in Top Gun: Maverick.

The Hollywood A-list actor is usually seen looking a bit taller than his actual height on the screen.

However, the eagle-eyed fans were left impressed to see that the actor embraced his 5ft 7in stature and didn’t use visual tricks to match his height to that of his co-actors.

Cruise, who helms the character of Lieutenant Bradley 'Rooster' Bradshaw in the movie, was seen standing right next to Kelly McGillis, who is 5ft 10 in tall as both the actors appear to be of similar height.

Reacting to the scene, fans took to social media to praise the actor as one fan pointed out, “Best part about the new Top Gun was that they fully committed to embracing Tom Cruise for the short king he is,” reported Daily Mail.

“I like how Tom Cruise said (expletive) it and decided not to do any forced perspective to match anyone's height in Top Gun Mav,” another comment read.

“When you are an actor who flies a jet and stick yourself to a plane for a stunt, how tall you look on the screen is the least of your concern,” the post continued.

Another fan noted, “Top Gun: Maverick is my Black Panther (Tom Cruise is visibly 5’7. they let him be short).”