Sunday Jun 12 2022

'Team Muhafiz' promises 'magic' with journey to 'patriotism', declares Twitter!

Team Muhafiz promises magic with journey to patriotism, declares Twitter!
'Team Muhafiz' promises 'magic' with journey to 'patriotism', declares Twitter!

The animated series Team Muhafiz, a GEO TV and ISPR collaboration, is garnering praises across the country!

The vibrant tale of teenagers taking charge of their motherland in a bid to follow their dreams and create a better world, is a concept not frequently witnessed on national TV. 

The story line, however, is not the only impressive attribute of the series; the show's newly released anthem, crooned by singing sensations Young Stunners, Karakoram and Soch The Band, is also sending waves amongst music lovers.

Ahead of the release of the much-anticipated series, Twitter users have joined the bandwagon to express their excitement for the show.

"Waiting anxiously! #TeamMuhafiz is a superhero team that fights real life problems that the #Pakistani society is facing," a Twitter user cheered on.

"Can't wait to see Wahaj Ali do his magic as Reza in #teammuhafiz ! thank you for being part of the journey #Dil_Fatah_karain @TeamMuhafiz @AzCorpComics," another expressed. 

Yet another excited user added: "We need lots of local heroes and stories of our youth to relate to and to seek inspiration from. Art & especially comics are one great source to inspire generations, share culture, history and stories with a message. Keep making Pakistan proud!"

One user went on to praise the rejuvenating OST of the series: "Dil Fatah Karain is OST of the most anticipated animated series of Pakistan : Team Muhafiz . The song seamlessly mixes performance of the singers with selected scenes of the upcoming animated thriller."

"We getting our very own super heroes! Super happy to see this home-grown animated series and can't wait for its release. The OST is out and you'll definitely have it on a loop. Very catchy. Must Watch," praised celebrity Fakhr-e-Alam.

Team Muhafiz will be made available to viewers very soon. Stay tuned!