Wednesday Jun 15 2022
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Prince William’s ‘popularity’ to smash Prince Charles’ monarchy dream?

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Prince Charles’ hopes for the monarchy may be dashed by just how popular his son, Prince William, is with the British public, as per Express UK.

The UK outlet exclusively interviewed the British public on the streets of Nottingham during the Queen’s Jubilee, and reported that an overwhelming number of young voters think that William would make a better King than Charles due to his popularity.

Express quoted one Matthew, a young voter, as saying: “I think William would do a better job and make it more popular than if it went straight to Prince Charles.”

He continued that William is “more in touch with reality” than his father, the Prince of Wales, and added: “Charles can come across as a bit wacky.”

Another Briton was quoted saying: “I’ve got nothing against Prince Charles but I think if they skipped a generation, it would give a youthful feel to the throne.”

One person told Express that Prince Charles doesn’t seem interested in the British throne any way, and another said: “It (the throne) will go straight to William.”

Despite the public support for Prince William as the King, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam said: “In a hereditary monarchy, a snapshot of public opinion means little.”