Tuesday Jun 21 2022
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Prince William has ‘really’ gained the Queen’s ‘trust’ in recent years?

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Prince William has reportedly managed to gain the full trust of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, for whom he has ‘grown in stature’ in recent years.

Talking to OK! Magazine, Daily Express editor Richard Palmer said: “He’s grown in stature and is doing much more serious work than he was 10 years ago… I think the Queen really trusts him now.”

The same sentiment was echoed by Michelle Thole, the co-host of Keeping Up with The Windsors podcast, who said: “Turning 40 is a big milestone for anyone, but we’ve seen William emerge as a real leader in the past few years.”

She added: “That’s been especially evident during the pandemic, when he massively rose to the challenge and perhaps improved many people’s perceptions of him.”

Another royal expert, Claudio Joseph, complimented William’s dynamic pairing with his wife Kate Middleton saying: “They have both been much more high profile since the start of the first lockdown. It’s astonishing how much William has changed since he got married and became a father.”

“He has certainly stepped up to the mark since the death of his grandfather Prince Philip last year, and seems to have embraced his role, rather than resent it,” she added.