Saturday Jul 02 2022
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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry have royal aides 'falling over themselves': expert

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Experts are of the opinion that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have the royal aides 'desperate; to avoid upsetting the Sussex. 

According MailPlus, a royal expert Richard Eden weighed in on the Buckingham Palace’s decision to not publish the findings of the probe into ‘bullying’ allegations against Markle.

"What worries me greatly, is that the Palace are falling over themselves not to upset Harry and Meghan,” Mr Eden said.

"At this briefing yesterday, it sounds like they were, sort of, going on about grateful they were that they came over [for the Jubilee],” he continued.

"[They were also] giving quite, sort of, personal details about [Harry and Meghan's] meetings with Prince Charles,” he added. "They seem desperate to not upset them".

"[and] I think that's a mistake,” Ms Eden added.

Moreover, Jo Elvin also shared, “I think that's understandable though. They [Harry and Meghan] get upset about a lot of things and they probably prefer to stop talking about them altogether."