Sunday Jul 03 2022
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Prince Harry has ‘a lot of anger’ towards Royal Family: psychic claims

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A well-known psychic recently claimed that she recently spoke to Princess Diana in recent weeks about her sons Prince William and Harry.

According to Daily Star, a television psychic Deborah Davies said the late Princess of Wales would warn her younger son that it’s ‘pointless’ to fight against the Royal Family.

"Diana says that Harry has a lot of anger towards 'the firm' in general because of what happened to her,” the Real Housewives of Cheshire alum told the outlet.

"She says 'It's a pointless battle though, they will never understand, they will never be sorry for anyone's suffering.'"

Deborah added, “She says that 'The Firm is a machine that keeps on running regardless of anyone's feelings'".

The Unexpected Deaths & Mysteries podcast host previously told the outlet that the Duke of Sussex’s plans to win the public’s heart didn’t work out.

"From Harry's perspective, he thought they'd [Harry and Meghan] have far more of the limelight and suddenly be in favour with the British public,” she explained.

"It didn't work out that way, I see Harry as being angry that they weren't given a more public position in the celebrations,” she added.