Sunday Jul 03 2022
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Meghan Markle bullying report ‘will wither away’, hopes Royal Family

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The Royal Family is reportedly hopeful that the discussion around their decision to conceal the bullying report about Meghan Markle will eventually ‘wither away’, according to a royal expert quoted by Express UK.

The debate was highlighted by The Daily Mail’s royal editor Rebecca English on Mail Plus, who said that Buckingham Palace is expected to stand by its decision to keep the bullying report under wraps despite pressure.

As per English: “As you can probably guess, myself and other journalists quizzed the Palace quite heavily yesterday but they were absolutely not budging on this.”

“There is no way that the findings of this report will ever become public. Even those that took part in it, haven't been told what the findings are,” she continued.

English further commented saying: “I suspect that the palace really is willing to take a flurry of bad headlines and television reports on the chin over the next few days, in the hope that after that the whole issue will, kind of, quietly wither away”

“I'm not saying this is deliberate on the part of the palace in any way. But I think certainly my understanding is that those that contributed to this review, they're either very traumatised by what they went through, and in some cases, they're very fearful for their future careers if they speak out any further,” she also claimed.

English went on to state: “I suspect that that's something the palace will benefit out of, in the fact that those involved just won't want to take this further anymore.”

For the unversed, the bullying investigation was initiated by the Queen herself who paid for an independent inquiry into claims that Meghan Markle bullied Palace staff while she was still a senior royal.