Monday Jul 04 2022
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Prince Charles 'is less Crown Prince and more Clown Prince': slams news host

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Prince Charles is less Crown Prince and more Clown Prince: slams news host
Prince Charles 'is less Crown Prince and more Clown Prince': slams news host

GB News presenter Darren Grimes recently launched a scathing attack on Prince Charles after a series of damaging scandals.

In a scathing rant, Grimes weighed in on several recent accusations around the Prince of Wales including the Rwanda row, accepting millions of Euros by Qatar politicians and handing an honour to a controversial peer.

"Now, the crown in my opinion is an essential aspect of British life. Her Majesty the Queen who of course we’ve all been celebrating a lot over recent times has been the one constant in a Britain that has changed beyond all recognition – since that coronation of course in 1952,” Grimes said.

"So, I believe in our constitutional monarchy and the magic of that institution. So, I don’t want you to doubt my sincerity in saying that I am an ally of that most precious institution.

"But I must tell you, I must be honest with you. In my eyes, his Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales – Prince Charles to you and I – is less Crown Prince and more Clown Prince.

"The Prince’s comments on everything from the environment to the government’s Rwanda policy are known.

"He might as well have his own column in The Guardian newspaper – and add to the cacophony of voices caricatured hot takes from a comfortable home," Grimes mocked.

"I struggle to imagine as the years roll by and it becomes more apparent that the government's civilised dash for net-zero leaves Britain without energy security.

"We’re even discussing rationing energy this year by the way with the national grid, telling energy companies that they might well impose involuntary restrictions on energy supplies this winter,” he continued

"Can you imagine in that scenario what the people of this country would think if their future King had cheered on the policies, the very policies that have left us both colder and poorer?” Grimes asked.

“That’s what I really struggle with. Can you imagine her Majesty the Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, making such decisions or facing investigations by the Charity Commission?” he added.