Monday Jul 04 2022
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Prince Charles and Prince William to be 'little more circumspect' in future

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Prince Charles and Prince William would be a little less outspoken in future roles, explained a royal author.

During his conversation with Express.co.uk, biographer Ian Lloyd weighed in on the reports that Prince William won’t be following in the Queen’s rule of ‘never complain, never explain’ as the Duke of Cambridge plans to modernize the Firm.

The author of The Queen: 70 Chapters in the Life of Elizabeth II said, “I think [he could be more outspoken] as Prince of Wales because he can do [that], I mean the present Prince of Wales has done that.

"As King you have to be a little more circumspect."

"For instance when Charles avoided getting involved when the President of China came on a State Visit because of human rights in China,” the author continued.

"He could do that, he could drop out of that and very much make his feelings known in that way, not dramatically but just through diplomatic snubs.”

"But as King it's very, very difficult, because if the Government of the day says they want the sovereign to host a certain president to improve certain links you really do have to do it,” he added.