Monday Jul 04 2022
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Prince Charles wants to ‘heal’ his ‘fractured’ relationship with Prince Harry

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Prince Charles is reportedly all up for healing his ‘fractured relationship’ with his son Prince Harry, as per a royal expert, who also believes that the Prince of Wales wants a close relationship with Harry’s kids, Archie and Lilibet.

Katie Nicholl recently talked to Entertainment Tonight about the Duke of Sussex’s ongoing rift with his family, including his father Prince Charles, and while the feud remains icy, she said Charles is holding out hope for it to thaw.

As per Nicholl: “The Prince of Wales absolutely wants to start healing that fractured relationship with Harry. He loves his son and wants to forgive him for everything.”

She then added: “He wants to repair that relationship and move on.”

Nicholl also commented on Prince Harry’s short meeting with Prince Charles at Clarence House when he visited the UK for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

“The meeting was very much the beginning of Prince Charles’ efforts to mend his relationship with Prince Harry. It paved the way for some more conciliatory talks,” she explained.

Nicholl then added: “I think a lot of people don't see Charles as a doting grandfather, but he absolutely is. He's spent more time in recent years with the Cambridge grandchildren and he's very, very keen to have a close relationship with Meghan and Harry's children.”