Thursday Jul 07 2022
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Royal Family 'feeding' media Lilibet to keep 'front pages' flowery: Meghan Markle pal

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Royal Family feeding media to keep front pages flowery: Meghan Markle pal
Royal Family 'feeding' media to keep 'front pages' flowery: Meghan Markle pal

The Royal Family is trying its best to keep their reputation clean amid Prince Charles' latest money bag scandal.

Meghan Markle's pal, Omid Scobie reveals that the family is holding back and providing bits of news that would out them in a favourable light.

In a piece written for Yahoo! News, Mr Scobie said: "You see, when the Prince of Wales was forced to announce via his spokesman that he will never again accept plastic bags filled with €500 notes for his charities, one of his senior aides also briefed journalists with adorable details of the heir’s first time meeting granddaughter Lilibet last month.

"(Yes, one of the same private family moments royal sources had “feared” the Sussexes would leak. The irony).

"The strategy worked. Later that day a quick news search for Prince Charles brought up a long list of headlines about his 'very emotional' time with Harry and Meghan’s two children.

Charles accepted £3 million in a bag from former Prime Minister of Qatar for reasons unverified.