Saturday Aug 06 2022
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Kim Kardashian 'only ever had sensual chemistry with Pete', mock fans

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Kim Kardashian only ever had superficial chemistry with Pete, mock fans
Kim Kardashian 'only ever had superficial chemistry with Pete', mock fans 

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have called it quits over lack of emotional connection, point out fans.

Citing an insider, Yahoo Entertainment reported that the split was amicable and happened earlier this week.

"They are both really busy, which played a factor in the breakup," the publication quoted another source as saying. The source said "There is no drama" involved in Kim and Pete's split.

While the reason for their split has not been disclosed, fans are speculating it is because of Kim's superficial self-image.

"I honestly think like they only had sexual chemistry anyway," one user wrote.

One conjectured: "Also Kim seems to have got so so much worse lately with the superficial self-image obsession. Most people become more accepting of themselves with age or just less shallow at least. But she's honestly worse and more obsessed with her looks and perfection than she's ever been."

A third commented on Reddit: "This is why me and many others here were side eyeing Pete meeting the kids so early plus the tattoos," one user wrote.