Wednesday Aug 10 2022
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Prince Harry 'very angry' after 'big comeback' fail, wants 'clear-out' of Meghan's chosen PR team

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Prince Harry very angry after big comeback fail, wants clear-out of Meghans chosen PR team

Prince Harry is very angry since his 'failed' UN visit and reportedly wants a "complete clear-out" of his and Meghan Markle's PR team.

The Duke of Sussex delivered a keynote speech to the United Nations headquarters in New York last month. He was joined by his wife, Meghan Markle, for the visit which marked Nelson Mandela Day. 

Harry viewed the UN visit as a potential "big comeback", but this wasn't the case as the auditorium had many empty seats facing the Duke as he spoke, according to royal expert Neil Sean.  

Mr Sean, in a recent video on his YouTube channel, said: "Harry, according to a very good source, wants a complete clear-out. This could prove a bit thorny because most of the people responsible for their joint PR are all recommendations previously of his wife, former actress, Meghan Markle."

Discussing Harry's apparent blaming, he added: "It's never the celebrity's fault, it's your fault".

He noted that it looks set to be an "ongoing battle" between "who they're going to hire, who they're going to keep and, more importantly, who they're going to fire".

Sean added that the "ongoing bad media slaught" is the "tip of the iceberg" for the Sussexes. He stated that "with more books" and "more documentaries", there is "no way they can stem the flow".