Wednesday Aug 10 2022
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Girl's Generation Seohyun apologizes to fans for 'disappointing' them

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Girls Generations Seohyun apologized to fans for delaying the groups comeback performances
Girl's Generation's Seohyun apologized to fans for delaying the group's comeback performances 

Girls' Generation fans are heartbroken as their favorite girl group was forced to cancel their long-awaited comeback performances on account of member Seohyun testing positive for COVID-19

On August 9, SM Entertainment shared that Girls' Generation's comeback scheduled for this week would not take place since Seohyun's diagnosis.

The label explained, "This week's music show schedule for Girls' Generation ('M! Countdown', 'Inkigayo') have been canceled."

Right after her diagnosis, Seohyun also uploaded an apology on Social Networking Sites (SNS), saying, "To SONE, who've been patiently waiting for our promotions more than anyone else."

"And my unnies. I'm sorry. I thought I wouldn't get sick because I'm healthy. I ended up getting COVID. I'm so disappointed and sorry. I'll recover quickly and meet you for next week's music shows!!!"

Girls Generation Seohyun apologizes to fans for disappointing them

After the cancellation of this week's performances, Girls' Generation fans expressed how heartbroken they were as they have been waiting for these performances for years now.

Fans displayed disappointment in the comments, "I'm so sad, but the members must be really sad too."