Wednesday Aug 10 2022
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Sam Asghari ‘completely got’ Britney Spears’ back amid K-Fed drama: Insider

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Sam Asghari has been playing the role of the ideal husband since Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline said that her sons don’t want to meet her.

The Toxic hit-maker’s hubby has been trying to cheer his ladylove up after K-Fed explosive interview for Daily Mail “knocked the wind” out of the singer.

In his recent interview, Federline, who was married to Spears from 2004 to 2006 and shares two kids with her, Sean and Jayden, revealed that the boys have decided not to meet their mother.

“Britney is so hurt and in shock that Kevin would attack her like this after all that she has done to support him over the years,” an insider told Hollywood Life.

“This has really knocked the wind out of her but luckily, she has the support of Sam because he’s completely got her back in all of this,” the source added.

Following the interview, the aspiring actor and personal trainer lashed out at Federline telling him to “keep my wife’s name out your mouth” on his Instagram story.

In addition to this, the handsome hunk has been a strong support system for his wife and has been “doing everything he can to cheer her up and just help her get through this really tough situation.”

“As her husband he’s incensed that Kevin would deliberately try to tear her down and he’s vowed not to let that happen. His whole mission right now is to boost Britney back up and help her get through this,” the source shared.

“Sam’s always been a positive person who looks on the bright side of things and this situation is no different. Sam has been an absolute rock for Britney and he will always be the most supportive husband he can be,” the outlet shared.

“He lets her vent and he’s standing up for her too but he’s also encouraging her to get her feelings out in the gym, that’s the way he handles life when the going gets tough and he’s got Britney doing the same,” the insider noted.