Friday Aug 19 2022
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Meghan Markle to 'humiliate' Prince Harry in UK, will 'show how it's done'

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Meghan Markle will allegedly leave husband Prince Harry behind with a mesmerising speech.

Harry, who failed in making an impact in the UN over his speech on Nelson Mandela, is asked to take tips from his brilliant wife.

Meghan's speech is rumoured to come amid their UK visit in September. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be also be visiting Germany to attend charity events 'close to their hearts.'

Speaking about the trip, royal expert Neil Sean declares the Duchess will handle her address much more wisely than Harry's.

"More interesting that they will not allow the seats to be empty.

"I suspect they will be on to a very good seat filler service.

"These are the things where they put emails out to places saying, come along and look enthused.

"They're hoping that Meghan's rousing keynote speech can really prove not just to the Netflix cameras that she can hold an audience but more importantly pushing forward.

"Will this be able to resonate if she was to take to the platform in a political stance?

"It's Meghan centre stage holding court and more importantly, no doubt showing Prince Harry how it should be done. How humiliating," noted the expert.